Packaging design service

Competition in the FMCG sector requires from you not only a high-quality product but also creative and bright packaging. The visual style of packaging is not just product recognition. We offer a packaging design service to attract the attention of consumers, make them fall in love with your product, and create a positive perception of the product.
Packaging is a unique, visual platform for communication with consumers. This is a kind of one of the types of advertising that does not annoy buyers, but on the contrary, creates a positive impression. More than half of consumers trust the information on product packaging.
That is why it is important to create a competent design of your packaging to guarantee the popularization of your product and attract the attention of buyers. Whether it is a box or a bottle, your packaging should be convenient and bright, form the image of the company, and increase the interest in your products.
The graphic designers of our company create a unique packaging design and select effective solutions for Food and NonFood segments. We develop the label design and packaging elements using 3D modeling, photography, and illustration. Work on the identification of your product to attract consumers’ attention, increase sales and profitably distinguish your brand from competitors.
Original packaging attracts the views of the buyers. To form a positive impression of your product through the packaging, we clarify the positioning strategy and marketing tasks during the meeting with managers. Next, our art director and designers analyze the market and the competitors, make up technical requirement, and start working on the project.
Creating process
Data collection and market analysis
We begin the creation of the packaging from the market analysis in general and the key categories, communication and competitor’s strategy, preferences of the target audience, and the latest design trends.
Design concept development
We create a unique packaging design concept so that the buyer has a desire to buy the particular product.
The development and refinement of the conception
Making changes to the conception according to the client’s wishes. The main task is to combine the concept of the client’s preferences, create a positive image, and encourage consumers.
Printing preparation of the mockups
We prepare design mockups taking into account the features of various types of printing and printing processing of the final result.