Website development

Commercial companies and private people create websites to achieve different goals: to attract attention and sell goods or services, to post and find information, to acquire knowledge, and to communicate or to entertain.
Creating a website is the first step to building a reputation, finding new customers, and raising sales to a higher level. Ordering a site for your own business, you move to a global level, where there are no territorial or time restrictions. Detailed information about goods and services on the site is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you can quickly respond to customer requests and improve service. When creating a site, you get a multi-purpose tool that with small financial investments will make a profit. Also, the website of your business acts as a unique marketing channel, a platform for the publication of breaking news, information, and special offers. The design of the website is a business card that creates recognition and the image of the campaign.
By ordering a website creation service from us, you will receive a reliable and high-quality product that meets the latest trends in website development. Our professional team has an individual approach to each project, and creates a unique and user-friendly design, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Your site will stand out from the competitors and attract a larger number of customers.
Before starting work on the creation of the site, we coordinate a detailed technical requirement, taking into account the customer’s wishes. After this stage, our team of specialists, consisting of a marketer, a designer, a programmer, and a layout designer starts working on the project. Each of the experts makes every effort to make your site unique and effective.
Creating process
Niche market analysis
Marketing specialists do market analysis adapted to the needs of your business. Assessment of the competitive environment makes an opportunity to eliminate shortcomings and strengthen the advantages of your business.
Site design sketch
The designer develops an approximate structure of the future resource, taking into account the wishes of the customer. This stage gives a first idea of the appearance of the site and allows you to make changes. After that, a mockup of the site is created, which represents the future design in more detail. After the agreement and approval of the details, the final drawing of the site design begins.
Website development
The stage combines the layout of the site and its programming. The structure of the HTML code is created, so that design looks similar to a mockup. The main task of programming is to link the management system, design, and interface of the site together.
Testing and launching the project
The last stage in the process of creating the website is testing the site to detect errors and deviations to eliminate them. After fixing all the bugs, the website is launched to start doing your business efficiently and productively.