What is the branding?

Branding is a full cycle of brand development.  This is the personification of the image of the company in the minds of customers.

Branding is a full cycle of brand development.  This is the personification of the image of the company in the minds of customers. It’s like features of the human face, by which you can not only recognize him or her among other people, but also determine this person’s character and preferences. To understand whether he or she raises empathy.  The same thing happens to the company. When successful branding is performed, thanks to this it is possible not only to recognize the affiliation of the goods or services to a certain company.  The soul of the team, all the stunning features, and traits of the company that it wants to convey to the customer are laid in the brand. Branding is like a new birth and declaring the whole world about yourself.

The main stages of branding are analysis of the competitors on the market, naming, logo development, and creation of a brand book with a full description of a corporate style.


  • The analysis of the company on the market by using the tools of marketing. The weaknesses and the strengths of the competitors in the relevant fields, the main audience of the company, and the most important indicators for identifying potential consumers are determined.
  • Creating the name (naming) and the company logo. Several concepts are being developed that convey the idea of the company and its means of communication with potential customers. At the same time, the selection of visual images (colors, fonts, creation of characters and patterns) plays an important role.
  • Marketing research on the perception of the created corporate style by the relevant target audience. Based on it, conclusions are made as to how much the brand will be remembered, what it will be associated with, and whether its presentation will correspond to the required market niche.
  • Brand book development. This is an instruction with a complete description of the environment, possibilities, and conditions of use of all elements of corporate style.


From a psychological and marketing point of view, the right design plays an important role in advertising, which should positively shape the image of the brand and, of course, stimulate the purchase or order of services. And this in turn determines the creation of trust in the brand.


Our team has been dealing with branding for more than 10 years, using advanced achievements in the field of marketing and associative psychology. The priority direction in our agency is the complex development of corporate style. From creating a name and logo to creating a website and promoting the company on social networks.


When developing the branding at the “ideArts” agency, the primary goal is to comply with the principle: “Stand out from your competitors and be liked by your target audience.” This approach makes the brands we create recognizably and loved. We start each job with in-depth marketing research to understand what future customers like and how to win their attention. With what they associate the colors, fonts, geometric elements, and graphics that we combine with the capabilities of modern reproduction techniques and technologies. We bring our uniqueness to each design, not forgetting to convey the idea and reveal the “soul” of the brand. After all, this is the only way to win the best design award, stand out from other players on the market, and help potential consumers fall in love with the brand thanks to a properly developed communication strategy.


Each element of corporate style, regardless of whether it is a logo, a sign, new packaging, a website, or a small packaging label, should convey the idea that we laid down at the beginning of the formation of the brand. In turn, every company must follow this principle, and we will be happy to help you along the way to become better.

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